Disciplines overview

Track racing dates back to even before the previous century. Records of the first world championships date back to 1895. This cycling discipline involves several different races that are broken down into two categories, namely sprint and endurance races. These races are a showcase for powerful, fast and skillful cycling.

Sprint events
Time trials

  • 1000m men
  • 500m women
  • 200 match sprint


Olympic sprint (Team sprint)
Endurance events
Team Pursuit

Individual Pursuit

  • 4000m for men
  • 3000m for women

Points race

  • 40km for men
  • 24km for women

Scratch race


Elimination (Devil takes the hindmost)

Track cycling has its own World Cup series and World championship each year. It is also showcased at the Olympic games.

South African track riders that competed successfully abroad in the modern era include the likes of JP van Zyl (endurance), Dean Edwards(sprint and endurance), Morné Blignaut (sprint), Nolan Hoffman (endurance) and Bernard Esterhuizen (sprint) who has a junior kilo world championship title to his name.

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