Endurance events

4000m Team Pursuit

This event is similar to the individual pursuit. Two teams of four each start at opposing sides of the track. The teams ride in a tight through and off formation making turns to pace at the front. The time of the third rider is counted each lap until the finish. This allows one rider to take the burden of the work in the closing stages of the race and then drop off as the team is approaching the finish. The team that catches the other wins or else the fastest team wins.

Individual Pursuit

4000m for men
3000m for women

Two riders contest the pursuit. They start at points marked half way along the opposing straights of the track. The purpose of the race is to catch the other rider. If a rider catches his or her rival before the designated race distance, the race ends immediately. Otherwise the pursuit is decided by the rider who completes the distance in the shorter time.

Points race

40km for men & 24km for women
A bunch of riders sprints for points at the end of each points lap. At the end of the race, the rider with the most points in total is the winner. Points are awarded 5, 3, 2 & 1 for the first four across the line in each sprint lap. Points are double for the last lap.

Riders that lap the main bunch gain 20 points. If riders are tied on points at the end of the race the rider that finished in front of the other will be the winner.

Scratch race

This is a bunch race over a specified distance. 15 km for men and 10 km for women according to UCI standards.

The final placing are determined by the final sprint taking into account laps gained.


This is a difficult race to follow, but very exciting if you can concentrate on it. This race was invented at Madison Square Gardens in New York. Several teams of two men race around the track at the same time, trying to gain a lap on their rivals. The Madison is a relay race. At any one time only one member of the team is involved in the competition. The one team member rests while his team mate races. The resting member rides high on the track whilst the racing happens at the bottom. The rest period usually takes one and a half laps. The resting rider is thrown into the competition when his team mate slings him in with either a hand sling, or else by a firm push on the seat.

The object of the Madison is to complete more laps than any other team. Points are scored by contesting sprints at specified marks during the race. If two or more teams finish the race on the same lap the one with the greatest points total wins.

Elimination race

This race is commonly know as “The devil takes the hindmost” or just plainly as “The devil”.

It is an exciting bunch race where a rider gets eliminated from the race at the end of every bell lap. Some riders choose to ride this event from the front, whilst others sprint it out at the back of the bunch on every bell lap. The rider who’s front wheel crosses the line last at the end of the bell lap is eliminated. This continues until only two riders remain.

These two riders then receive a final bell where they fight for the win in “match sprint” style.

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