Track league goes back to the 80’s

The WP track league kicks off on Saturday, 20 May’23, at Bellville velodrome. The loadshedding schedule has been consulted and there is no impact on the event.

Entries close on 17 May’23. Click here for league and event details.

The maximum gear ratio is limited to 90-inches. This encourages rides to use leg speed. It is a fun way to get going again on the track after a break since the track nations in April.

Track cyclists ready to race

Track cyclists from across South Africa are ready to race at Maximum Velocity 7. This is the final event at Bellville velodrome before the national track cycling championships.

It takes place on the Cape Town Cycle Tour weekend. This allows visiting riders the chance to an outing on the track on Friday, 10 Nov, before the Cycle Tour.

The program is fast and action packed. It features a sprint invitation, a team pursuit and and endurance competition.

The sprint event is by invitation and these riders will entertain the crowds in a match sprint tournament.

The endurance events are there to sharpen the skills before the national championship. It features technical events such as the points, scooter scratch and elimination races. Riders in the Cape are familiar with the scooter scratch. This is an endurance race where the scooter paces the riders for a set amount of laps while they rotate. Riders may only sit behind the scooter for 1 lap. The scooter pulls of with a few laps to go and then it is a scratch race from there.

Spectator entry is free. There will be coffee and food on sale at the event.

Entries close on Tuesday, 7 March 2023. No late entries.

Sign-on and number collection closes at 6.30pm on race night. Racing starts at 7pm and finishes at 10pm.

Entry details are here:

The program is here:

Results of WP track league 2

The 2nd event of the series of nine saw a jam packed program. There was racing for all categories and the team pursuit returned to the program.

Superschools broadcasted the event. Download the app and view all the races here.

The event started with the flying sprint qualifyers. Jordan September set a time of 11.88s on a cold and rainy winters night. Duwayne Adams followed with 11.90s and Wade Theunissen came in third on 12.08. Dirk van Zyl was the top veteran at 12.63s.

Jordan September – flying 200m effort

There was a Western Cape cycling Presidents award ceremony that followed. This was to recognize the role that Willie Engelbrecht played in building cycling in South Africa. Willie said that his journey started at the velodrome (old Bellville track) and that that young champions on the track are bound to be the champions of the future.

Willie Engelbrecht (left) receives the Western Cape cycling President’s award from Shumeez Dollie.

Racing continued for all categories. The team pursuit was interesting since it was held over only 8 laps and the speed was kept high. Kinetic Pro set the best time at just under 50kmh average for the 2km.

The final event of the night was the 3-up match sprint and this was the highlight for many spectators. Jordan September led out the sprint and it looked as if Duwayne Adams was going to close him down with Wade Theunissen also in the mix. It was decided on the line with Jordan just pipping Wade and Duwayne. It was great racing to round off a top notch night at the velodrome.

Jordan September (Kinetic Pro) wins the match sprint final ahead of Wade Theunissen (Enza) and Duwayne Adams (DSV)

Remember to view all of the races on the Superschools app: Download the app and view all the races here.

Here are the full results of the event:

WP track league off to a strong start

The first of nine Western Province (WP) league events took place at Bellville velodrome on Wednesday, 1 June.

The event featured an invitation sprint tournament, Category A, Category B, Women’s, veterans and scholars racing.

Team events are back at the league and the program started with team sprints.

DSV team sprint

DSV took the team sprint win ahead of the ASAP team. TrackCyclingSA was third and Active Bodies sport development was fourth.

A 4-lap keirin was run to keep the pace high

The league features a sprint tournament where invited sprinters do battle for the sprint trophy. Jordan September (Kinetic Pro) started the sprint tournament with a win in the keirin and then also set the fastest flying 200m qualifying time. The 3-up match sprint final delivered a surprise. Duwayne Adams (DSV) jumped and held off both Jordan September and Wade Theunissen (Enza) for a convincing match sprint win. Jordan heads the sprint tournament going in to the next round.

Jonathan Bouwer leads the bunch

Category A racing started with a 30-lap tempo race which was won by Jonathan Bouwer (Kinetic pro) at and average speed of 47.3 km/h. The next event was a surprise since the fans voted for it. The riders only heard that it was an elimination scratch when they lined up at the start. It was “bell, off”, “bell, off” unitl 4 riders remained. The 4 riders then had a 4-lap scratch. Linwell Jansen (Enza) took it long to take the win. The final category A event was a 25-lap scratch race and Jonathan Bouwer (Kinetic Pro) was victorious. Jonathan finished on top of the Category A standings at the end of the night.

Maroesjka Matthee is the overall Women’s leader after round 1 of 9 events

Maroesjka Matthee (Reach for Rainbows) took a hat-trick in the Women’s events by winning the 4-lap, 6-lap and tempo races.

Theo Williams (DSV) is leading the Category B field after victories in the 8-lap and tempo races.

John Moss, Russel Mehl and Timothy Mehl

Timothy Mell (Phoenix) leads the veterans category.

Here is the full league table:

Here are the individual race results:


Western Province cycling is hosting a 9-event track league at Bellville velodrome. The league runs from May to December. The first event is on Tuesday, 31 May 2022.

There will be racing for all categories. Category racing will count towards individual results. The team events will determine the top team at the end of the series.

The top clubs and racing teams in the province will compete for the top team trophy. Points scored in each team event will determine which team will be victorious.

The team events are:

Team sprint, team pursuit and madison.

Here are the details of the league:

Note that the event of Tuesday 12 July was moved. It is now on Friday, 16 September . This was to make provision for the African continental champs that moved out as well as for the Youth festival. (edited on 30 May 2022)

Bellville cycling club track classic

Burton Witbooi from Bellville cycling club

The event features racing for all categories. There will be events suited to both the sprinters and the endurance riders.

Entries will be taken on the day. Alternatively contact on how to enter via eft to Wp track cycling.

Download the program here:

Maximum Velocity 6 – sprint tournament results

The sprint tournament at Maximum Velocity 6 saw 10 riders competing on an omnium basis. The event took place on Tue 15 Mar 2022 at Bellville velodrome.

The top 6 riders scored points in the following events:

  • Flying 200m
  • Match sprint
  • Keirin A final

Flying 200m results

Burton Witbooi set the fastest flying 200m time at 11.57s. Jordan September who is a junior was not far behind in 2nd place at 11.76s

Here are the other times:

3. Wade Theunissen 11.82

4. Graeme Ockhuis 12.09

5. Duwayne Adams 12.2

6. Oswin Booysen 12.36

7. Hendrik Grobbelaar 12.57

8. Gavin Cannone 12.58

9. Dirk van Zyl 12.65

10. Matthew Ferguson 12.96

The flying 200m efforts were followed by the match sprints, but first Dirk van Zyl and Matthew Ferguson had to ride a 2-up sprint to determine who goes through to the 3-up sprints. Dirk kicked hard in the back straight on the final lap and opened up a gap for a solid win in 12.61s

Results of 3-up sprints:

P3,4 & 5 from the qualifyers 3-up result:

  1. Graeme Ockhuis 13.17
  2. Wade Theunissen
  3. Duwayne Adams

P2,6 & 7 from the qualifyers 3-up result:

  1. Jordan September 12.08
  2. Oswin Booysen
  3. Hendrik Grobbelaar

P1, 8 from 200m & winner of the 2-up sprint

  1. Burton Witbooi 12.16
  2. Dirk van Zyl
  3. Gavin Cannone

The winners of the 3-up sprints then proceeded to ride for P1-3 in the match sprint. The 2nd placed riders rode for P4-6 and the 3 riders for P7-9.


  1. Duwayne Adams 12.29
  2. Hendrik Grobbelaar
  3. Gavin Cannone


  1. Wade Theunessen 12.39
  2. Oswin Booysen
  3. Dirk van Zyl


  1. Jordan September 11.99
  2. Graeme Ockhuis
  3. Burton Witbooi

P6-9 and Matthew Ferguson rode in the Keirin B final

  1. Duwayne Adams
  2. Gavin Cannone
  3. Matthew Ferguson
  4. Hendrik Grobbelaar

P1-6 rode in the keirin A-final

  1. Wade Theunissen
  2. Jordan September
  3. Oswin Booysen
  4. Dirk van Zyl
  5. Greame Ockhuis
  6. Burton Witbooi DNS (technical after being dropped by holder on the line)

Final Sprint tournament points

  1. Jordan September 22
  2. Wade Theunissen 17
  3. Burton Witbooi 14
  4. Graeme Ockhuis 11
  5. Oswin Booysen 7
  6. Dirk van Zyl 4
  7. Duwayne Adams 2
  8. Gavin Cannone 0
  9. Hendrik Grobbelaar 0
  10. Matthew Ferguson 0

Position of riders on equal points was determined by who finished the best in the keirin.

TrackCyclingSA to host track classic

TrackCyclingSA club will host the Maximum Velocity track classic at Bellvlle velodrome. The event takes place on Tuesday 15 March 2022 at 7pm.

Maximum Velocity 6 makes a welcome comeback after the event took a break over the past few years.

The club has pulled out all the stops to make it a memorable event. There will be a sprint invitational race featuring Wade Theunissen, Duwayne Adams, Jordan September, Burton Witbooi, Dirk van Zyl and Hendrik Grobbelaar.

Wade Theunissen will be spearheading the invitation sprint competition. Photo by Rudie Kellerman

Category A racing will be fast with the elimination scratch and scooter scratch races being the highlights. U17 boys and cat B will race together to help the u17s to prep for national champs.

The women’s racing at Maximum Velocity is always top class and there is a separate women’s category.

Who will triumph at MV6?

Innovation is key and Maximum Velocity will bring something new to the veterans 30+ racing with masters 50+ receiving a handicap advantage.

Veteran’s racing is well supported at Bellville velodrome

Scholars are important for the future and there is a full program for the youngsters. Their program and price giving finishes a bit earlier since it is a school night.

Pre-entries close on Friday 11 March 2022.

There are limited spots, but late entries will be accepted on the line where we still have space available.

Here is the program:

TrackCyclingSA club supports local events

TrackCyclingSA started the track year at the Jeanné Nell track classic that was held at Bellville velodrome. The even took place on Friday 25 February.

What an event celebrating one of SAs most talented sprinters. There was racing for scholars, women, veterans and elites. Local businesses, Intellibus and New Door, sponsored the event. It was definitely one of the top events that the velodrome has seen over recent years.

The program was innovative and racing was positive and fast. Well done to club members Simon Augustyn, Donna Marriott Lowry, Dirk van Zyl, Callie Greeff, Matthew Ferguson and Jaco Scholtz who participated.

TrackCyclingSA club took the top step in the masters competition after Jaco Scholtz won the points race and tempo races.

Dirk van Zyl and Matthew Ferguson both went through to the B-final of the keirin competition.

TrackCyclingSA ends the year on a high

TrackCyclingSA club competed in our final event of 2021 at the Paarl Boxing Day meeting on 26 Dec 2021. The event was held at the Faure street velodrome.

The veterans bunch at the Faure street velodrome, Paarl

Dirk van Zyl, Matthew Ferguson and Jaco Scholtz represented the club in the veterans category.

The club scored podium results in all of the events with Dirk and Jaco finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively in the 800m scratch race. Jaco then finished second in the 1500m scratch race before going on to a solo victory in 5km scratch race.

TrackCyclingSA club is based in the Western Cape, South Africa, and the next major track focus is the South African national championship that takes place at Bellville velodrome towards the end of March’22.