Virtual league standings

TrackCyclingSA virtual league standings

21 March 2021

Join the TrackCyclingSA group on BKOOL to compete.

Here are the virtual standings to date. Our club champion, Dirk van Zyl, moved in to the top spot after setting the fastest time in the 40km race. That is a great effort since he specializes in the sprint events ranging from the 200m qualifying up to the keirin race in distance.


Can I still join?

Yes! The events are open to riders from across the globe. Ride the event any time that suits you or link up with others in the group to ride together. Be sure to finish it before the end date to set your own time. A rider will be allocated the time of the last rider +5% if he/she missed an end date. The league runs up to 31 May 2021.

Events calendar:

Start dateEnd dateStage nameDistance
1 March31 MarchStanding start250m
1 March31 March6-laps1500m
1 March31 March3000m3000m
1 March31 March160-laps scratch race!40km
1 April30 April1000m tt on the track1000m
1 April30 April2000m on the track2000m
1 April30 April15km track blast15000m
1 April30 April4km4000m
1 May16 May1 lap all out!250m
1 May16 May7.5km7500m
17 May31 MayThe season finale. 500m!500m

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